Resource Guide

Who This Guide is For

This guide is for shelter and rescue professionals, volunteers, and advocates —anyone who is working to help homeless dogs and the heroes who fight for them. We hope it will provide ideas and inspiration to help save even more lives.

Why We Created This Guide

Several times a year we travel on ‘shelter tours’ to visit shelters and rescues in our southern states to learn more and build our network. Through these tours and our shelter/rescue liaisons, we learn about new ideas for fundraising, volunteer and foster
programs, shelter protocols, enrichment tools, community engagement, advocacy, and so many other ways shelters and rescues are saving lives.

We have volunteers with extensive experience in nonprofits who research and gather grant opportunities, donation programs, and other organizations offering assistance for shelters and rescues.

This guide puts all of that knowledge and information in one place easily accessible for shelters/rescue professionals, volunteers, and advocates, giving them more tools to save lives.

NOTE: Note this is a “living” document. New ideas and programs will be added and on the website in real time. If you have a great idea that isn’t already here—please share it with us!

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