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June 7, 2021

When I chose the name, Who Will Let the Dogs Out it wasn’t just because it’s a clever twist on the title of the popular song, Who Let the Dogs Out. It was because that’s exactly what I want to know— WHO will let the dogs out? My belief is that everyone can do something. You, me, pretty much anyone with a heart to help.

Too often we let the enormity of a problem stop us from doing anything about it, believing we don’t have the power to have an impact. And yet no big change happens in this world until lots of ‘powerless’ individuals speak up.

Thanks to the tremendous support of so many backers of our Kickstarter campaign, the film Amber’s Halfway Home has been completed. It’s the story of one individual who is having a tremendous impact on the lives of thousands of animals (and likely people).

Amber is a powerful force for rescue, and yet she is still just one person. What she needs is for more people to step into that vast, scary gap and speak for the animals who have no voice.

Here is a trailer for the film and a glimpse of Amber in action:

After traveling to nearly fifty shelters, rescues, and dog pounds, I remain convinced that the problem of dogs suffering and dying (and being warehoused) in shelters is absolutely fixable. I’ve seen the places where change is happening; where leaders are refusing to accept the status quo and are finding ways to save every single animal.

The solutions aren’t complicated or even expensive, but they require leadership and commitment, plus willing hearts and hands. What we need most are more people who speak up, step out, and engage the people who can make those changes possible.

Our mission is to raise awareness and resources for homeless dogs and the heroes who fight for them. Amber’s Halfway Home is one way to reach the people who can let the dogs out. Awareness is the first step toward change, and screening this film is one way we can put this story in front of the people who can make the changes necessary to fix the problems.

As we await word on acceptance into festivals, we are looking for venues and opportunities to share the film with audiences and start the conversation. Screenings can be used as fundraisers, forums, or adoption events. We’re looking for rescue groups, shelters, libraries, town halls, even breweries or private homes.

We created Amber’s Halfway Home as a vehicle for bringing change. It’s a powerful, well-crafted film that will touch hearts and motivate people to get involved. Visit to get more information or to contact us to set up a screening.

And of course, you can always contact me directly with questions, ideas, or to set up a screening.

Until each one has a home,


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Who Will Let the Dogs Out (we call it Waldo for short) is an initiative of Operation Paws for Homes. If you’d like to contribute to our work, we encourage you to click on the how to help link above and give directly to a shelter. You can also donate to our work via OPH’s donation page by designating Who Will Let the Dogs Out in your comments.

One Hundred Dogs & Counting: One Woman, Ten Thousand Miles, and a Journey Into the Heart of Shelters and Rescues (Pegasus Books, 2020) tells the story of not only our foster experience but some of our shelter visits and how Who Will Let the Dogs Out began. It is available for anywhere books are sold. Proceeds of every book sold will go to help unwanted animals in the south.

Our short documentary film created in partnership with Farnival Films, Amber’s Halfway Home, tells the story of heroes in the dog pounds of western Tennessee. It is a beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring story that will compel viewers to work for change.

For more information on any of our projects or to talk about rescue in your neck of the woods, please email me

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