Whenever we travel through Tennessee, we are lucky to have a homebase just outside of Nashville at the home of a rescue hero of mine. Laura Prechel is the mind and heart behind CASA Transport, which saved more than 2400

After winding our way through the rolling hills of Kentucky, we arrived at the home of Melissa, a foster for Kentucky Saving Them Together, Inc.. It was the perfect last stop for our fall shelter tour. Melissa, and Wendy, the

So often, what it takes is somebody deciding to do something about it. Not waiting for their government to act, or for it to be easy, or until they have time/energy/money. It’s one person doing something to help. Meet one remarkable woman who has almost single-handedly been responsible for saving over 7000 lives. @LPFoster

Our second week on tour coincided with Hurricane Ida, which thankfully skirted around the places we planned to visit mostly dumping a bit of rain here and there. We were able to rearrange our visits and move our one all-day

I don’t remember if it was Michelle or Liz who told me, “You are the drop in the pond, and we are the ripples.” It was maybe the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten. I’ve never actually met Michelle or Liz,