Franklin County Humane Society Planned Pethood & Adoption Center (FCHS) is quite the intentional mouthful, but its wordy name explains it all. Humane care, advocating and offering planned pethood, and adopting out animals. The nonprofit shelter and clinic located about

Right in the center of the state, near Lexington, in a county filled with expansive horse farms and massive distilleries, the Anderson County Animal Care and Control shelter can be found right next to the Wild Turkey Distillery (and the

This past spring we visited Petersburg Animal Care & Control just outside of Richmond, Virginia. The shelter building is over sixty years old and shows it, but new director and ACO, Jenny, is doing all she can with what she’s

In 2017, the Dyersburg-Dyer County Humane Society was killing as many as 90% of the animals it took in. When I heard those numbers and that date, I had to ask Diana, the president of Paws To Care, to tell

Okay, the first thing I need you to do before you read this post is park your anger somewhere. You’ll need to set it aside and listen with an open mind and heart. And remember that anger won’t solve this

I’d heard about the Animal Rescue Corps before, snippets mentioned by other rescue people in passing, but nothing solid, nothing that I thought had anything to do with the world of dog rescue I inhabited. I pictured a group of

So much of our rescue efforts are focused on the rural south, as well they should be. That’s where the majority of dogs are suffering and dying, where shelters are overwhelmed, and money runs short, but recently I participated in

Our next to last shelter visit was actually two visits in one. We would visit the Giles County Animal Shelter, and also meet with some of the volunteers from the Giles County Humane Association, a foster-based rescue that supports the