Pit Bulls

This past spring we visited Petersburg Animal Care & Control just outside of Richmond, Virginia. The shelter building is over sixty years old and shows it, but new director and ACO, Jenny, is doing all she can with what she’s

A few months ago, we visited Virginia Paws for Pits and had the pleasure of meeting Page Hearn, the founder and director, plus three lovely pups (all foster-fails). Page describes Paws for Pits as a low-volume, high-maintenance rescue. Page runs

After our day with All 4s in Memphis, we were dirty and tired but we still had one more stop—Horn Lake Animal Shelter. We were headed there because of a woman named Julia who had contacted me shortly before we

“I wouldn’t do that to myself, so why would I do that to him? ‘Caint take his manhood.” “She was born to do it; I just want one litter.” If the team at All 4s Rescue League had a dollar