The weather couldn’t have been worse for our visit to El Dorado, Arkansas. We were headed there to visit Union County Animal Protection Society (UCAPS) and it was POURING rain. Before heading out to the shelter, we stopped to see

We spotted three stray dogs on our drive from our hotel in Alabama to Grenada Animal Shelter in Mississippi. We’d seen the challenges in the shelters we visited, but it was further evidence that times are tough for unwanted dogs

Down an endless single lane highway, through the ‘city’ of Monroeville, and just past the water treatment plant, tucked up in the woods, is the Monroe County Alabama Animal Shelter. The shelter serves both Monroeville City and Monroe County. The

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter is a typical municipal shelter with too many dogs, only two volunteers, and very little community engagement. But that’s where the similarities end. Despite having nearly twice as many dogs as the shelter was

My mother-in-law needs a dog. That was the impetus for my visit to Humboldt County Animal Control Shelter in McKinleyville, California. We were visiting, so I suggested we go visit the shelter. I was curious to see if California municipal

It’s time for another shelter tour! This time we’re headed to five states with ten, possibly eleven stops, so it’ll be a lot of driving and a lot of gathering stories, meeting heroes, and of course, hanging out with adoptable

Our winter shelter tour leaves on January 29. This will be a (relatively) short one, just five or six days. We’re still nailing down our stops, but it looks like we’ll visit shelters and rescues in Virginia, North Carolina, South

It has been an incredible year for WWLDO. Thanks to YOUR support, we’ve had quite an impact! We are excited to go into next year with a fully loaded Instagrant budget thanks to the ASPCA’s doubling of our grant money

You know something is different from the moment you pull onto the campus at Rockingham Harrisonburg SPCA. They hadn’t opened yet to the public, but the parking lot was filling up and the place was bustling with volunteers walking dogs,