animal control

Our winter shelter tour leaves on January 29. This will be a (relatively) short one, just five or six days. We’re still nailing down our stops, but it looks like we’ll visit shelters and rescues in Virginia, North Carolina, South

Westmoreland County Animal Shelter sits at the end of a lane, past a young vineyard, just outside the town of Montross. It’s a large, well-kept cement building surrounded by grassy space. We met Deputy Kriz, one of the Animal Control

Northumberland County Animal Shelter is on the path to proving that it’s possible to operate a successful, open-intake municipal shelter that saves nearly all the saveable dogs (and cats) in a rural area with few resources. They have all the

This Sunday we will be heading off on another shelter tour – this time sticking close to home. We’ll be visiting six shelters in my home state of Virginia. On our way out, we’ll have a quick, fun stop at

Right in the center of the state, near Lexington, in a county filled with expansive horse farms and massive distilleries, the Anderson County Animal Care and Control shelter can be found right next to the Wild Turkey Distillery (and the

Lewis Upshur Animal Control Shelter is located in Buckhannon, WV, about 1.5 hours northeast of Charleston. The shelter is in a traditional ‘dog pound’ style building (small, cement block, indoor/outdoor kennels separated by guillotine doors) nestled into the side of

It took some doing, but we finally found the Forrest City Area Humane Society which partners with Forrest City Animal Control to save animals. The blue cement building was a mile down a narrow unmarked road that ran beside the