animal control

Right in the center of the state, near Lexington, in a county filled with expansive horse farms and massive distilleries, the Anderson County Animal Care and Control shelter can be found right next to the Wild Turkey Distillery (and the

Lewis Upshur Animal Control Shelter is located in Buckhannon, WV, about 1.5 hours northeast of Charleston. The shelter is in a traditional ‘dog pound’ style building (small, cement block, indoor/outdoor kennels separated by guillotine doors) nestled into the side of

It took some doing, but we finally found the Forrest City Area Humane Society which partners with Forrest City Animal Control to save animals. The blue cement building was a mile down a narrow unmarked road that ran beside the

In 2011, hope came to Hope City Animal Control in Hope, Arkansas in the form of a new organization created specifically to save lives. At the time, the shelter was euthanizing 92% of the dogs (no cats—this city deems them

Mayflower City Animal Control is tucked away in the back corner of a fenced-in property that houses the street and water departments (the sign says EMPLOYEES ONLY). It’s so tiny and unmarked that we had to call for directions when