Down an endless single lane highway, through the ‘city’ of Monroeville, and just past the water treatment plant, tucked up in the woods, is the Monroe County Alabama Animal Shelter. The shelter serves both Monroeville City and Monroe County. The

Montgomery Humane Society in Montgomery, Alabama is a large regional shelter working to find real solutions to its community’s struggle with unhomed animals. Their live release rate for dogs larger than twenty-five pounds is only 50%, but rather than hide

It’s been a week since we returned from our latest shelter tour. Once again, it was a learning experience. We visited ten shelters in five states – South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky. We spent most of our time

It’s time for another shelter tour! This time we’re headed to five states with ten, possibly eleven stops, so it’ll be a lot of driving and a lot of gathering stories, meeting heroes, and of course, hanging out with adoptable

I believe that everyone can do something. Often I hear from people who thank me for fostering and traveling to shelters. They say they could never do what I do. And that’s okay. Because they don’t need to. Fostering multiple

Our visit to Bibb County was proof once again, that you don’t have to live in the south to be saving animals in the south. And also, that one individual can make a real difference. We learned about the Bibb

We leave for our shelter tour in two days. As always, I’m excited but nervous and slightly overwhelmed. There are so many details, so many new people, new places, and hundreds of miles to drive. Often when I reach out