People ask me quite often what exactly Nancy and I do on shelter tour. I thought I’d give you an idea of a typical day. Most days we rise by six (although I am usually up before five and try

Our winter shelter tour leaves on January 29. This will be a (relatively) short one, just five or six days. We’re still nailing down our stops, but it looks like we’ll visit shelters and rescues in Virginia, North Carolina, South

It has been an incredible year for WWLDO. Thanks to YOUR support, we’ve had quite an impact! We are excited to go into next year with a fully loaded Instagrant budget thanks to the ASPCA’s doubling of our grant money

We are EXCITED to announce we have a NEW WEBSITE! We love the bright new look and hope you will find the website informative, engaging, and most of all- inspiring. The site was made possible through the generous donation of

Whenever we travel through Tennessee, we are lucky to have a homebase just outside of Nashville at the home of a rescue hero of mine. Laura Prechel is the mind and heart behind CASA Transport, which saved more than 2400

Our First Year! Thanks to you, in 2022, Who Will Let the Dogs Out: Your continued support and donations embolden us to travel further and do more to support the lifesaving work of shelters and rescues, AND find solutions to

Private animal shelters often are built near public shelters to do the job that the tax-payer funded shelter is not. They literally rescue dogs from the public shelter. Why is more not expected from a government run shelter? Why do citizens pay for two shelters - one with their taxes and the other with their donations (and hearts)? And why, pray tell, do we allow this to go on?