How to Help RIGHT now

Below are links to some of the shelters and rescues who need your help.

In most cases, I’ve included the Amazon wish list so that you can send donations directly to the shelters. Many publicly funded, county shelters cannot accept monetary donations, but you can send them the supplies they need.

I’ve also included links to each shelter/rescue’s facebook page. From there you can find other ways to help, and at a minimum you can help by spreading the word – sharing, liking, commenting on their social media.

Sometimes what shelter and rescue workers need most is encouragement. The work is heart-breaking and difficult and unending. It can also be lonely. By supporting and acknowledging and encouraging the people who are sacrificing so much to save dogs, you will help more than you know.

Thank you for helping to let the dogs out.

Abbeville County Animal Services

55927912_2294319947516205_2930948818809651200_n.jpgAbbeville shelter opened in 2019 to replace the wretched Abbeville City Shelter (an ancient cement block building without proper heat or air conditioning or public access). They have a new director, a new building, and are bringing a new attitude about saving animals to an area in desperate need of it. Like so many small southern towns, they have a very limited budget. Any help you can give them, is greatly appreciated.
You can read about the trip we made to Abbeville with a team of volunteers just prior to its opening here.

56542013_2295683834046483_7207092926713692160_nAnderson County PAWS

Airline crates
Canned food
​Amazon Wishlist

Send donations to:

Anderson County PAWS
1320 Hwy. 29 South
​Anderson, SC 29626
​phone: 864-260-4151

56706128_2295379627410237_2388288995269279744_oMore Information on Anderson County PAWS:

IMG_0641Anson County Animal Shelter

Anson County is a shelter just an hour outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their shelter was hit hard by recent hurricanes in 2018 and continues to struggle. With little veterinary access, limited funds, and an impoverished community they are forced to destroy more dogs than they should.
wet cat & kitten food
Aluminum Karunda Beds (especially in larger sizes)
Plastic Karunda Beds (small sizes for cats)
Treats (especially Greenies for teeth)
OR check their Amazon Wishlist

IMG_0593.JPGSend donations to:

Anson County Animal Shelter
7257 Old US Highway 74
Polkton, NC 28135

Bedford County Animal Control

bedford-17Bedford County is a small shelter in downtown Bedford, TN. They work very hard to maintain a no-kill status. They are blessed with an in-house veterinary operating room and spay/neuter dozens of animals every week with the help of a local vet.


Amazon Wishlist

Cheatham County Animal Control

Cheathum and Nashville-147Cheatum County Animal Control is one miraculous places doing impossible things with an impossibly small budget in a rural county in Tennessee. Their remarkable director is proving on a daily basis that it is possible to save every savable animal even in an impoverished county on a limited budget. That said, they need all the support they can get!
Read about Cheatham here.

franklin-24.jpgFranklin County Animal Control

This small shelter in Tennessee just southeast of Nashville regularly euthanizes for space. With a budget that includes nearly no money for medical, the shelter is in constant debt to a local veterinarian. When they are maxed out, they can not afford to do the vet work necessary to send dogs out through rescues, which is basically the only way a dog gets out of Franklin alive. If you’d like to help, consider contacting the veterinary service and paying down some of the bill for Franklin County Animal Control.

Veterinarian: Town and Country at 931-967-3666

Post about our visit to Franklin County


franklin-10Donated supplies (do not send monetary donations) treats, toys, flea/tick meds, dewormers, dog food, and collars can be sent to:

Franklin County Animal Control
332 Utility Rd.
Winchester, TN, 37398
Attention Heather Snyder




Giles County Animal Shelter

Formerly known as the Giles County Pound, the shelter reopened after being shut-down by the attorney general for inhumane practices. Under new leadership and with the help of the Giles County Humane Association.

Post about our visit to Giles County

Amazon wishlist


56162818_2294303384184528_8998510265318244352_oHumane Society of Greenwood

Thanks to the documentary, 600 Miles Home, Greenwood has a brand new shelter. A new shelter makes a big difference but it has yet to stem the tide of dogs arriving in need.
puppy and kitten food
​soft treats

56158380_2294330004181866_3492184315775680512_oSend donations to:

Greenwood Humane Society
2820 Airport Road
​Greenwood, SC 29649

Karin’ 4 Kritters

65105465_395743314621383_8064735524209819648_nKarin’ 4 Kritters is a private non-profit shelter started by Tabi, the records clerk for the city of Greenfield who couldn’t bear to see the dogs in the city pound perish when they were not claimed by their owners. Instead of allowing law enforcement to kill the dogs, she began taking them home. This effort grew into a shelter that runs completely out of her pocket and on donations, with the help of Amber and her family who donate their time to do the humongous task of caring for as many as 100 animals daily. K4K saves hundreds of dogs in Greenfield every year. You can follow them on Facebook too.

Read about my visit to Greenfield city pound and Karin’ 4 Kritters here.


K4K has an Amazon Wishlist, but they always need:
treats and toys
flea/tick preventative
bleach and paper towels
puppy padsYou can mail donations of any kind to: Karin’ 4 Kritters Rescue, 411 Hillsboro St, Greenfield, TN 38230

Lenoir County SPCA

Lenoir County is a small shelter saving animals through the determination of their excellent staff and their tireless volunteer rescue coordinator, Helen. They are located in one of the poorest counties in North Carolina.
Flea/tick preventative (like Advantix)
powder milk replacer for kittens
Dewormers (Bayer Quad dewormers)
collars (martingale style for medium size dogs, 40-45 pounds)
toys (for tough chewers, nothing stuffed)

Send donations to:

Lenoir County SPCA
2455 Rouse Road Exd
Kinston, NC 28504








65269969_394649744730740_4030556331730534400_nMaury County Animal Shelter

Slip leashes
Trash bags
Pedigree canned food
Large Kong toys
​Medium and Large animal crates
At this time, monetary donations are not a good option as they will simply be absorbed into the county budget – but the above items will help the shelter.

Send donations to:

Maury County Animal Shelter
1233 Mapleleash Ave
Columbia, TN 38401



55882254_2293644370917096_7166500593798742016_nNewberry County Animal Shelter:​

Newberry County is a large county run facility in South Carolina with 48 kennels that are almost always full. While they do as much as they can to prevent it, they do find it necessary to kill dogs who remain at the facility too long to make space for new dogs coming in.

A post that includes our visit to Newberry County

Dry puppy food
Cleaning Supplies
Karunda Beds
Cat carriers

Amazon Wishlist

Mailing Address:
240 Public Works Drive
Newberry, SC 29108
Attention: Leslie Jenkins

Oconee Humane Society

56162491_2294977454117121_7525185304236392448_n (1)The Oconee shelter takes in as many as 500 dogs in a month. Despite the remarkable work of the tireless Humane Society volunteers, the shelter still destroys dogs due to overcrowding. They are making strides but depend on help from rescues and donors.
Flea & Tick preventative (advantix)
Bayer Quad dewormer (all sizes, especially larger)
Harnesses (med size and larger)
Aluminum Karunda beds​

allenSend donations to:

Oconee Humane Society
1925 Sandifer Blvd
​Seneca, SC 29678

Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE)

Maury-98RARE was founded and is currently run by a remarkable woman who not only handles the adoptions and houses many of the animals at her home, but travels all over western Tennessee saving animals who are weeks, if not days, away from dying from neglect in dog pounds. She truly is a life-saving hero for many, many dogs.

Read about my heartbreaking visit with Trisha to one of the dog pounds of western Tennessee.

Maury-153.jpgMore information on RARE



Red Fern Animal Shelter

65519599_396719874523727_1235192178687344640_nRed Fern is a private non-profit animal shelter started by two sisters to do the work their county wasn’t doing — saving animals abandoned, neglected, and/or unwanted in Weakley County, TN. Now, in their sixties, Anne and Kim care for as many as 70 dogs and over 140 cats on their property. They are funded by donations and their own social security.

You can read about our visit to Red Fern (and Huntingdon Dog pound) here.

65178587_396723011190080_2255540584171175936_nThey can use ‘pretty much anything’ and I’ve been bugging them to create an Amazon wishlist, but you can send donations to:

Red Fern Animal Shelter
​1487 Miles Rd.
Dresden, TN. 38225Website
Facebook page


Shark-57SHARK (Safe Haven Animal Rescue Kennel)

SHARK is a non-profit rescue that stepped up to maintain a shelter and operate animal control for Henry County and Abbeville City, Alabama after the public shelter was closed. Their current director is Dave Rice, a 76-year-old disabled veteran who not only acts as the animal control officer, but drives transports all over the country. SHARK rescues more than 1000 dogs each year completely on donated funds and volunteer hours.

Shark-61Here is a post about our visit to SHARK.

Donate to SHARK via paypal.

Follow them on Facebook.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 126, Abbeville, AL 36310


Shelbyville Shelter Soldiers

shelbyville-67Shelbyville Shelter Soldiers works to assist Shelbyville Animal Control and all of Shelbyville proper in saving dogs that would otherwise perish. They provide foster care, secure veterinary treatment, and ultimately transport dogs north to rescues. They are a local resource begun by two women whose goal is to ensure that no dogs die needlessly in Shelbyville. They spend much of their own money and even more of their own time saving dogs. They can surely use your help.
Click here to read my post about our visit to Shelbyville Animal Control.

Scott County Animal Shelter/Scott County Humane Society


Scott County Shelter budget only includes money for food, nothing else. All medical care, preventatives, dewormers, bedding, even collars and leashes are purchased by volunteers or the Humane Society. The budget also does not include funds to pay their one employee to care for the dogs on weekends. Scott County Humane Society volunteers come to the shelter every weekend and holiday to clean kennels and walk and care for the dogs.

My post on our visit to Scott County.

canned dog food
Bayer Quad dewormer (all sizes)
Flea/tick preventatives
Treats & Toys

IMG_1181.JPGSend donations to:

specific items:
SCHS c/o Billy Denton
1301 Ambleside Road
Kingsport, TN 37660
phone: 423-742-0193
Monetary donations:
through the SCHS website or mail:
Scott County Humane Society
P. O. Box 1535
Gate City, VA 24251

A Shelter Friend

shelter friend dogA Shelter Friend saves dogs from Bladen County Animal Shelter and moves them out through rescues, many times pulling the dogs (and cats) out on the day before their time is up.

Chewproof Dog Houses (the dogs live outside)
Airline crates for transporting dogs out to rescues (35-50lb size)
tough chewer toys
canned cat food
Or see their Amazon Wish List​

Send donations to:

Silvia Kim/A Shelter Friend
8100 Twisted Hickory Road
Bladenboro, NC 28320
Click here to read my post about Shelter Friend

Tappahannock/Essex County Animal Shelter (TECAS)

20190331_182534260_iOS.jpgTappahannock/Essex County Animal Shelter (TECAS) is a small, county-owned facility that opened in 2008. They are a ‘kill shelter’ but do their very best (which presently is best described as ‘no-kill’ thanks to the leadership of one remarkable woman) to minimize the need to euthanize animals unnecessarily.

​There are pictures and more information from my visit to TECAS in this post.

Facebook Page

Amazon Wishlist

Donations to TECAS can be sent to:
c/o Ellen Shifflett
202 South Church Lane
Tappahannock, VA 22560