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  1. The statement that they do not euthanize for space does not match with having a euthanasia rate of 27%.
    Also, the animal behaviorists for shelters that I have read reports on suggest that adoption rates go up when all animals can be seen in person by visitors, volunteers, and potential adopters. The possibility of stress to the dogs by having visitors is handled by protocols and procedures, such as having the staff teach the dogs to happily come to the front of the kennel when seeing people visiting. Doing this creates a cycle of positive reinforcement. Another bonus to having people walk through the kennel rows is that it also helps relieve the daily boredom of a shelter dog.

  2. I’m confused about their adoption process. I also took the Fear Free Shelters program. They instruct you on how to recognize an animal’s behavior. They also address the issue of the importance of socialization, playtime and enrichment for both dogs and cats. Not allowing the public in goes against those principles. Also, if you don’t allow the public to see every animal, they may miss out on a true connection with an animal, which could quite possibly be different from what they described to staff they were looking for.