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  1. I have been remiss, dear Sue, in not sharing your posts over on Learning from Dogs. I will correct that albeit now that I only post three times a week I will have to think what is the best approach. But your love and caring for dogs is supreme! It breaks our hearts, that is Jean and me, to think of all the dogs that are euthanised.

  2. Hi Cara,
    I still say that nothing will change in the South with intakes and euthanasia of pets until people are required to license their pets. These licenses would be cheap for spayed/neutered dogs, $10–$15, and much higher for intact animals, $80–100. When it hits their pocketbooks, people generally comply. Most northern states have had licensing laws for years which has kept the unwanted pet population to a minimum. In fact, thousands of unwanted southern dogs are sent North where they find loving homes. The money generated from licenses would go to improving things at the shelters and hire someone to enforce the licensing laws. Unfortunately, in the South, the lobby for hunters, good ole boys, and breeding facilities (puppy mills) is too strong to change the laws any time soon. Also recently some veterinarians have started believing that spaying/neutering is affecting the health and lifespan of pets, and they are encouraging their clients not to spay/neuter. I have not seen any positive changes to the numbers of pets entering and being euthanized in the shelters in over 50 years of rescuing dogs (and cats). We have a very strong base of pet lovers throughout the country including in the South. We need to organize and lobby for licensing laws.