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  1. I have recently made inquires about adopting a dog to live on my farm with my family, which includes two dogs, barn cats and livestock. I have been repeatedly rejected because I don’t keep the dogs in the house. It seems to me that a home on a farm, where they are free to run (with boundaries) and have dedicated sleeping quarters in a barn, is far preferable to a concrete cage in a shelter (one specific dog has been in the shelter for over a year, all have been “working” breeds- dogs that are bred to be outside). Yet, if I keep them in a small cage inside my home all day I would be approved.

    I would love to see you explore adoption policies and if not work to relax some of those policies, provide a list of shelters that “think outside the box.” I know there are some programs that work with specific breeds or characteristics, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find them. A way to connect people that don’t fit the shelter policies, but are still wonderful homes to animals who would thrive in a situation that isn’t an inside home would really help “let the dogs out.”

    Thank you for giving a voice to these animals and their issues.