puppies in shelter

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  1. Hi Cara,
    Yes, the situation is horrendous. All shelters and rescues that I know of in North and South Carolina are overwhelmed and over-flowing. Dogs (and cats) rescued for companionship by lonely people quarantined at home during the pandemic are now being dumped back into the shelters they thought they would never see again. Many people who have returned to work are now too busy for their unsuspecting companions. They never told these innocent friends their home and family were just a temporary reprieve of a year or two. Now that they are no longer needed, it’s time for them to be dumped into a worse situation than they came from.

    Of course, the number of intact animals has not really changed even with the thousands of spays and neuters performed annually at the spay/neuter clinics because every unspayed animal can exponentially produce hundreds of unwanted pets within a few years. So the normal number of animals entering the shelters has basically been pretty much status quo, but with the returns and low adoptions, we are seeing more euthanasias than we have in many years. The websites are crying out with “CODE REDS” to save all sorts of pets, from mixed breeds to purebreds and designer dogs, from infant puppies to sweet seniors who had been loyal members of their families. It is such a helpless feeling to see so many beautiful, loving, healthy dogs being put down because there just isn’t space or a home for them. Cara, thank you for all you are doing to get the word out–the shelters can only do so much. Pet owners need to be responsible for the lives in their care and not think of animals as an expendable commodity. That’s the only way to stop this needless slaughter.