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  1. PLEASE come to the Dublin Laurens County Humane Society in Dublin, GA (not the one in SC which seems to have a lot more local support than ours).

    Our animal control is under investigation for starving at least 6 dogs and there may be others. There’s no transparency, the public is not allowed near the dog area at all, and trying to get public records is like pulling teeth. The good ol’ boy network has a wide reach here. The sheriff defended animal control by saying “dogs don’t have souls”. The county commissioners believe someone at the Humane Society reported animal control, and in retaliation, will no longer allow the Humane Society to pull dogs, and now kills the dogs that are still in their possession as soon as the stray hold is up (they sometimes don’t even get around to posting the dogs on their website until a couple days after their intake).

    The Dublin Laurens County Humane Society has around 60 dogs and only 3 employees including myself, and I’ve only worked there for 2 days, so I’m not very fast when cleaning the cages and runs. There are also a lot of repairs that need to be made.

    Like you, I started fostering dogs coming from the South when I lived up North. I was shocked by the prevailing attitude that dogs and cats are disposable. There is so much wrong with the way things are here, and a small but growing group of us is trying to create change. We’re kind of stuck right now, we don’t know what to do next. The sheriff’s department, county commissioners, and animal control are very much and actively against us, the good ol’boy network has a firm hand in the local television station, WMAZ13, and even the GA Department of Agriculture seems to want to let things continue on the way they’ve been.

    We would be SO grateful if you could help us or if you could suggest where to go from here. Now that I’ve started working at the Humane Society, I can’t continue voice my opinion about the things that have happened at animal control because there is the worry that it could somehow affect the viability of the evidence against animal control.

    I hope you were able to follow all of this, and I thank you for your time now, and for all the work you do for the shelters you visit.

    Christine Harrison