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  1. Again, the only way to stop this tragic situation of pet overpopulation is at the intake end. The South needs to pass licensing laws for dogs–spayed and neutered pets $10-15/year and $75-100 for intact animals, plus stiff fines for abandoning or not caring for their pets. Once it hits the owners’ pocketbooks, they will will be more responsible of their pets. The revenue generated from the licenses will go towards better accommodations at shelters and officers to see that pets are licensed. That’s the way things changed in the North. Before licensing laws in the North, things were not much different.

    1. Absolutely. We can’t adopt our way out of overpopulation. Owners need to be responsible.

  2. I am trying to send them stuff thru their amazon wishlist but when I check out it tries to ship it to me because they do not have an address or name listed on their list. Help so I can get them donations please.

  3. Like I have said before up above, I am trying to send them some stuff via amazon. No one will answer my comment and I also tried to email the author of this article. I would really like to help out here.