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  1. I promise if you guys will look at my page, we are having a discussion right now about the issues of overpopulation and how we feel stuck in terms of reaching people who aren’t in rescue!! These guys have implemented so awesome ways to give structure and choice to these guys that have ended up in a predicament. With a spay and neuter clinic on site is amazing!! Kudos to Blue Ridge, you guys rock!!!
    Now, how do we in Douglas and Coffee county apply some of these ideas in our shelter, which is a high kill and contracted out by the city? The one that holds said contract is acting animal control officer and he refuses to go on calls and doesn’t even live in coffee county!! We need some help as to how to approach this to take back our shelter. Any advice or guidance is welcome. Thank you so much!!

    1. We have you guys on our radar, but meanwhile, I would encourage you to keep written records of all you see happening at your shelter, connect with your elected officials to be sure they are aware of the situation (whoever is in charge of Animal Control). If you have an ACO who isn’t going out on calls, then there should be some kind of accountability for this. Try to go into the situation offering help not judgment. I know that’s hard when there is a history to contend with–but if you can approach it as a problem to solve together you’ll gain more traction.

      Your tax dollars are paying that ACO’s and any shelter employees, so you do have a say in what is being done. Sometimes approaching from a fiscal standpoint – ‘you’re wasting our tax dollars’ will resonate with more people, even people who don’t care how dogs are treated. Feel free to email me to discuss more – carasueachterberg@gmail.com.

      Meanwhile, I’ll look up what is happening on your FB page. We do hope to get there on our next trip to GA.