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  1. Your three points are all great points. But more than money, making those three things a reality takes a lot of time. I work in a library, and we can put on the programs we do, get the books we have, and even the upholstery on our furniture because we have an incredibly generous Friends organization. These ladies put in a lot of hours running the bookstore and soliciting donations to support us. We use volunteers in the library, and although I love and appreciate them, it takes a lot of time to schedule and train them. And most volunteers last a couple of years at the most, so it’s an ongoing recruitment. I really hope that Brittany and Robin don’t burn out.

    1. I think Cheatham is in a good place at the moment, but I also think both Brittany and Robin are smart and aware of the potential for burnout. They have a large, well-organized and bonded group of volunteers that helps spread the load. The clear practices and training reduce the amount of supervision any of the volunteers need. One other thing that we saw was the simple enjoyment everyone at Cheatham seemed to get from the work they were doing. And that can often be the most important factor.