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  1. It’s people like Amber, Brandon, Cindy, Tara, Kenny, the Stouts who are helping to change the idea of what a shelter needs to be and how the impounded animals should be treated. Thank you for all you do to help these unwanted pets.

    COVID-19 is having a strange effect on the shelters and fosters in the South. Most of the shelters are closing down right now, and there has been a huge plea to get as many dogs and cats out as possible. Fortunately, many, many people are stepping up to the plate–fosters and adopters have been coming forth in droves to save a large number of these stray and unwanted pets. Since people are being forced to stay home, this is a good time to foster (and adopt) a dog or cat. Transports and rescues are making extra trips north to clean out the shelters. What will happen to those left behind and those who would be dumped at the shelters? Well, sadly that is another story.