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  1. I love All 4s approach. It may take generations for the cultural change/shift to happen, but in the meantime Suzy is making life a little more comfortable for these dogs. I read about a program in Detroit that helps low income individuals keep their pets through assisting with providing their needs. It’s this approach; compassionate care, education, patience, and being willing to meet people where they’re at that is going to bring about the change we want to see for all pets.

  2. That is an awesome way to tackle the problem. Soon after I moved here, in response to a neighbor’s chained puppy who broke loose and came to my house (how did he know?) I proposed amending the city ordinance on dog welfare. I just wanted to educate people about humane tethering, better ways of tethering their dogs, nylon collars and warm dog houses. What shit I took. Now, we have the ordinance, but it literally took this rural small town 5 years. https://marthakennedy.blog/2016/02/03/men/

    1. Thank you for fighting for those dogs and for taking the high road with the powers that be. I hope they are enforcing the ordinance. I wish there were more of you in every small town.

  3. I am very touched by what All 4’s is doing. We see the chaining of dogs in both Ga and Al, at times in violation of the law. It is up to All of is to speak up for animals that are abused and neglected. Thank you to everyone who are stepping forward and helping dogs, cats, and others.

  4. We have an organization in our area which does something similar. They provide houses, wheat straw and alternatives to chaining. They also offer spay/neuter. Their whole MO is no judgement, just help. We have to acknowledge that there are cultural differences about dogs in the south and while we want all dogs to live inside, some people would no sooner bring a dog inside to live than they would set a place at the dinner table for a cow.


    I do wonder how many of these folks they help are inside city limits. Surely an argument could be made for a humane containment law inside city limits…

    1. I believe we were within city limits the entire time we were with them and every one of our encounters was within the same 3-4 blocks. I’d guess the problem is overwhelming. So glad to hear there is something similar in Huntsville. Now we need it in every city.

      1. If you think the folks with whom you interacted would get politically active, you can refer them to me. I have been involved with ordinances which outlaw chaining and provide for humane alternatives as well as setting basic standards of care.

  5. Just to clarify, Memphis Animal Services is not killing pitbulls everyday. They are the city shelter (read open intake) and are working very hard, bringing about great success for community animals & finding live placements whenever possible. Definitely not need for more puppies, just wanted to share I believe they finished 2019 with a near 89% live release rate. They’re working alongside All 4s and other orgs in the county trying to find homes for all they can and bring resources into areas that don’t have access to resources and need help to do better for their pets. It’s not a cultural issue so much as an issue of people not having the means to do better, sometimes not having even for their family or human needs. Some don’t even thinking s/n is an option for them. A lot are afraid of harsh judgement and public ridicule, so they stay to themselves. All 4s is doing amazing work and has a great “bed side” manner. Kudos for your compassionate and non judgmental approach. Even if you don’t get the result right away, it’s making an impact and slowly rebuilding relations. A huge issue in many states including Western TN is there’s not enough low cost, affordable, accessible spay/neuter providers, making it more an issue of access to the services, not an issue of the people just not doing it, so much. Continuing efforts to build a non judgement relationship, and extend a “how can I help” goes a long way with folks. Ultimately, animal issues stem from people having struggles and needs. Keeping this in mind has helped me work effectively in these communities and see it’s less about “bad people” as much as people hurting, doing the best they can. Meeting them where they are vs preaching what they should be doing, is really effective and helps them consider opening up to receive the help being offered. Kudos for your work All 4s!

    1. I apologize for calling out Memphis Animal Services. I’m sure the All 4s team was exaggerating to make a point.

      Bottomline, though, is that pit bulls are dying in Memphis and all over this country because of what I believe to be a cultural issue. Only one person accepted All 4s offer of a FREE spay/nueter (including transportation to/from) while we were out with them. The other 7 or 8 did not want the surgery for various reasons that come down to its just not what they do in their neighborhood/family/community/culture, but none said they hadn’t done it or didn’t want to because they couldn’t afford it.

      Totally agree that there is a SERIOUS need for more low cost/no cost, easily accessible spay/neuter in Western TN (and much of the south) but too often we hear people refuse it when it is offered and available. We have to change minds and hearts. People need to understand that their litter of puppies, along with all their neighbors and friends ‘just one litter’ could very well end up in an over-crowded open-intake shelter like Memphis Animals Services (or MARL in Mississippi where unapologetically kill pit bulls on intake).