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  1. <3 These are awesome people.

    My local shelter (and I'm afraid it would horrify you…) is always struggling for money. I don't think they'd make it if it weren't for people who are willing to foster dogs who come in and would NOT make it in that environment. There is a kennel with four wolf dogs who will live there forever. Their owner (an off grid person) asked the shelter to keep them until he/she could find a place to live. that was 2 years ago. But, we keep donating and working and adopting. I got nominated to the board but was turned down because I'm not originally from here. There are so many weird convolutions in rural areas.

  2. I was very interested in Wilma but checked out the adoption fees for out of state adopters and it was over $400. Very sadly that keeps me and probably many others from adopting. Upsets me cause I was ready to fill out application.

    1. Karen – I would email the shelter. Charlotte really wants to get Wilma out, so she may be willing to adopt her out of state for less. I suspect the high cost includes transport fees.

  3. What an incredible shelter with amazing, loving people! My heart aches for those beautiful dogs that just want to be loved! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. I know that this thread is very old, but for anyone still reading, my wife and I are the new owners of Wilma and she is currently living her best life (for the rest of her life) in Upstate NY. She is a very happy, one-of-a-kind dog who is beyond everything to us. She will never have another sad day again! Thank you to everyone at the shelter for the beautiful gift that we have been given with Wilma <3

    1. This is such a wonderful update – thank you so much for sharing it! So happy for that sweet pup. And so grateful that you are showing her what love and safety is. I wish more people would take a chance on senior dogs – too many die in our shelters.

    2. Hi Kristin, despite the old thread, I’m reading it! And I couldn’t be happier to hear about Wilma’s happily ever after and am thrilled for all of you. I found this thread as I’m doing research to try and raise money for this shelter through grant applications. Do you mind letting me know how you came to rescue Wilma? Did you contact the Corinth Animal Shelter directly and travel down to MS to bring her home? Or, was she sent up North and fostered up there before you found her? Thanks, in advance, for helping me to better understand the process so that I can do my best job helping the shelter raise money through grants.