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  1. I read the interview yesterday when you posted it and I was enraged. Then I looked at her photo and read between the lines. “De-sexing animals” is really fucking stupid as a term. I am not sure she understands the misery dogs go through when they’re not “de-sexed.” How they are literally DRIVEN to mate and if such an opportunity doesn’t exist in their world, they will go find it. This means more loose dogs, more dogs killed by cars or farmers’ guns or coyotes or each other.

    I don’t think this author knows much about a mamma dog who, living out in the back of beyond, searches wildly for a safe place to birth her puppies in a land of predators and ends up at the bottom of a dry well from which she has to be rescued or she will die. The stories are endless as you well know.

    As for puppy mills? I have “bought” one dog in my life from a pet store and she was so overbred that she killed her “mom” and went after her “sister” (not literally her family but dogs she’d lived with all her life). The vet who put this beautiful young yellow lab down said, “Her mom was probably her sister, her dad her brother.” Amish puppy mill in Iowa. The vet and I both cried as that dog died.

    That said, have had a maybe a dozen purebred dogs someone got at a pet store, dogs that ended up needing to be rescued. Dogs that should not have been born — mostly Siberian huskies who demand more and other from an “owner” than some other breeds. I have two now. Where I live are Akbash breeders and mini-Aussie breeders. How my dogs came to me? someone tied Bear up outside a gas station, someone tied Teddy up outside a store.

    I love dogs but they are not “fur-babies” or “little men” or “doggos” or anything resembling a human being (probably part of why I love them). This woman is irresponsible, ignorant and sentimental. She should bring her anorexic ass out to the real world where dogs suffer and die because there are just too many of them.. I also believe that dogs should be neutered/spayed whenever it is safe and healthy for them to be.

    As for your thought that shelters should do this, I agree with the principle, but my shelter couldn’t possibly afford to do that. That’s another problem for another irate response, I guess.

    1. Your reaction was much like mine when I read her article the first time. It does seem out of touch and it did make me want to grab her and drag her down to one of the counties in Alabama where they don’t have a shelter and they sometimes just shoot the stray animals.

      Funding is an issue in every shelter, but if the state declared that shelter animals had to be spayed and neutered, they would also be obligated to pay for those surgeries. Our states spend far more on far less important things. And in the long run, solving this problem would save everyone money and plenty of lives.

      Thanks for sharing your story – we need to keep talking about this.

      1. Our shelters do what many do. They charge $50 above the cost of adoption for an un-neutered animal (since they adopt out puppies too young to fix). You get the money back with proof of neutering. I’m not saying that’s great, but it’s something.

        1. Money is many times a powerful incentive. Our rescue does the same (only we do $75, but I think we should charge more, since they will get it back and more money makes that more likely).

  2. I can’t locate the comment you made once about few rescue puppies available in Canada. I don’t remember why that was the case. I haven’t thought much about this part of the cost of rescue. Male neuters are so much less expensive than spays and recovery and care are also different. That has to be considered. I, of course, believe that regulation regarding government funded shelters would make a big difference, but that R word is not very popular.

    I worked at my Dad’s veterinary hospital many of my young years. Some of the most awful memories are of a a family of young children standing around the exam table where Dad was examining a newly purchased puppy. Everyone was in love and my Dad had to tell them they needed to return this precious puppy because it was too sick and would not survive. I think many of them were from Lancaster. It was heartbreaking for everyone in the room. The Amish treat their horses terribly- an entirely different way of looking at the world.

    I don’t have answers- just so glad you continue to make us think.

  3. I love your idea about a program like TEACH FOR AMERICA for spay/ neuter. There is also programs like REMOTE AMERICA MEDICAL (RAMUSA.org) that provides free care for medical dental and optometry for people in needy counties. Maybe they would be willing to include volunteer veterinarians into their weekend visits…. or separately have training vet students with a faculty and vet techs do a mission.