Fifteen Dogs in My House

My first experience with a northern shelter rescue, plus an update on what ever happened to Houdini from Walker Co, AL….

Another Good Dog™

We survived our record-setting weekend.

Now we just have fourteen dogs. Which we’ve had before.

Gosh, this makes me sound like a dog-raving lunatic. Which maybe I am. Or at least I feel like one after this weekend.

Saying we fostered fifteen dogs this weekend is somewhat misleading since

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One thought on “Fifteen Dogs in My House

  1. So glad that Bell and her puppies made it to you! What a sweet time!
    I discourage my children from announcing how many dogs we have in our home at any given time because the number often makes us seem crazy (the most was 21 – 2 resident dogs and 2 mamas with 7 and 10 puppies each). I love the lengths we dog people go to in order to empty the shelters and fill each human and canine heart with love!
    Good luck with the litter and the others. I will be following along admiringly!


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