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  1. What a beautiful story — and yeah. A lot of people don’t know how to care for their dogs. It’s pretty simple, but they also don’t want to learn. When I first moved here and tried to get an amendment passed to the city ordinance that would allow police to ticket people for chaining dogs outside on short ropes/chains, whatever, it was kind of a nightmare, partly because I came from “outside” and ran up against a bunch of old, fat, white guys who ran the town. My whole point was education, not punishment. I remember walking into that meeting with the city attorney, city manager and police chief and hearing, “So you want to outlaw tying dogs outside.” I didn’t. I knew that for a lot of people it was impractical. But it could be done better. Only the police chief (finally) understood what I was saying. I had written it but no one read my amendment that said, clearly, “Humane tethering of dogs”.

    1. That’s the biggest part of the battle – education. and there definitely is a defensiveness that is pervasive in some places that have a terrible history of how they treat animals. Not Giles county, though, Morgan asked me several times – what can we do better? I’m no expert and she was doing things really well already, but that’s the kind of attitude that’s needed.