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  1. This is a wonderful woman! I am partial to giant breed dogs, though I’ve had only one (Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog). My aunt had a St. Bernard (Baby) that I should have let her give me, and all the Danes I’ve known have been intelligent, intuitive and gentle wonder dogs. There are a few giant breed rescues in Colorado because all livestock guardian dogs are giant breeds and many of them end up strays or relinquished. People think a giant breed dog is more work but in my experience that’s not the case at all. They just take up more room on the floor. 🙂

    1. This was my first time around a giant breed dog and honestly, I was smitten. If they are all like Rhonda’s dogs, I can definitely see myself getting one later in life when my house isn’t overrun with fosters. Ian wants one someday, and I’ll definitely send him to her.

  2. Great Danes are well known for their good natures. It was good to read about someone who was particularly interested in rescuing them, considering how a lot of people are easily intimidated by bigger dogs. When did you get home? I read your latest Facebook post about Daisy, and it sounds like you got home on the weekend? Keep us posted on the dogs looking for new homes in PA, TN, AL and other places, and also on your own ever-changing pack.

    1. I’m a new fan of Great Danes and grateful for the experience. We got home on Sunday afternoon, so still sorting out, but honestly, I’m ready to go back. Much to do here first, like figure out how to pay for the next trip! Plus, I brought home a new foster. I’ll post on Another Good Dog about her today!

  3. Sounds good. Looking forward to hearing about her. I figured you’d be bringing home another dog, just as you did when you went to TN last year.:) And if you can, depending on how much contact you have with Daisy’s new fosterers, please keep us posted about her. Hopefully she’ll warm up to Scott like she eventually did with Nick, and find a forever home. You did all you could for that special dog.