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  1. Just out of curiosity, since you mentioned eating on the run while driving, were there fast-food joints or other eateries you could stop at on the way through TN and AL? Hope you didn’t just have to live on crackers and cheese all day. Hope the hotels were good places to stay overnight in. I like how between the stories of the dogs and your visits with shelter staff how you also include minor details about the surroundings in the places you visit (the shelter’s conditions, the weather, the personalities of the staff you talk to, etc), as it helps those of us not with you get a better idea of what the place you’re visiting is like. Keep blogging, both on here and on your Another Good Dog blog.

    1. Thanks Ana – yes, there was LOTS of fast food, but we tried to eat what we had with us because it was cheaper and even faster. We did manage to have some BBQ one night and delicious craft pizza and beer on another. It was an amazing experience and I am already planning on going back. There are so many stories of dogs and the heroes working to save them.