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  1. It is so hard for one person to do it all. It sounds like the town has some prosperous parts (if they have a well-maintained downtown,that’s something). If you can get some well-connected person interested in your cause, that can help so much. I think you’re right; the shelter is operating under the radar. I’d be curious where people in town get their pets.

    1. Awareness is exactly what needs to happen. There is a college in the area and I just know if people realized what Amber and Tabi are going through, they would step up. At least that’s what I hope, if that’s not the case than it’s a shame on them.

  2. Thank You Cara for your kindness to furbabies. I have faith your words and your son’s beautiful pictures will help so much. Amber and Brandon are rich at heart and two of the kindest folks I know. They live on prayers. Thank You for seeing those beautiful hearts and sharing K4K story.